leanconstructionA Building Process for Lower Costs and More Enjoyable Experiences

“Lean” – a term that arose in the manufacturing world to describe a process that resulted in fast assembly times, low material waste, high end quality and high volume outputs – was first recognized on the automobile manufacturing line at Toyota in Japan in the late 1980’s.

Lean Construction is a forward-thinking approach to building project delivery that applies “lean” principles to the building delivery process, with the goals of maximizing value and minimizing waste.

Lean project planning begins with a clear understanding of the owner’s vision and works backward to develop an efficient process for delivery, with an emphasis on well-defined deliverables and tightly managed handoffs between trade specialists. Each step of the delivery process is highly scrutinized in order to identify value and remove waste.

The result? A building design process that results in lower initial cost and a more enjoyable experience for all involved.

PrayWorks has adopted Lean Construction methodologies and has been applying them with great success to recent client projects.

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