Design Collaboration Leads to Excellence in Building

archallDesign partners play an obviously strategic role in the building process. Dave Pray’s experience and relationships with many of the most qualified architects, engineers and other design disciplines in the region are integral to his value as an owner’s representative.

John Oney, President, Architectural Alliance, is the lead designer for the Mountaineer Automotive project. “Dave Pray has a great sense of asking the right questions and steering things in the right direction. He obviously has a lot of knowledge in a variety of projects. It has been a great relationship. Dave is personable, and we move forward very quickly.”

“If I were to recommend a direction for the entire project delivery system, I would recommend starting with Dave Pray – he is able to manage the entire design process from rough concepting to close out of project. He has a vast knowledge base from start to finish. It would be to any client’s benefit to have Dave involved from very start.” – Ed Weber, Ed Weber Architects

ewaEd Weber of Ed Weber Architects shares his thoughts on what makes Dave Pray interesting and different to work with from a designer’s perspective. “Dave has a very keen sense of the building industry. Being a former contractor, he has a great knowledge base for different subcontractors in the Charleston area.”

“Dave has taken his knowledge from the construction industry and bought it into the owner/consulting business. He stays at the forefront of latest trends in building construction and design. He’s an innovator in the Charleston area, particularly in the realm of IPD. He is doing some cutting edge things with his consulting service that I don’t think anyone else in WV is doing.”