Owner’s Representatives Drop Old Habits

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As an owners representative, I am a leader on what I believe to be the first Integrated Project Delivery project to be implemented in the State of West Virginia. We are using an agreement crafted by Hansen Bridget, a firm that has had a good bit of experience in assisting leadership on the implementation of IPD. For this project, through Hansen Bridget, we have an understandable business deal at the outset.

As a knowledgeable construction consultant who has only been playing in the Lean/IPD sandbox for the last year, I suggest (particularly to Ownership) that there is a lot to learn AND a lot to unlearn in anyone’s lean journey. Most of us in this industry who have survived for some time (I’m 63 years young and have been in the industry 40 years), have learned the old way so well, we are often blind to our learned behaviors. Many of these behaviors fly in the face of successful implementation of lean and Integrated Project Delivery. The development of the revised team organizational structure needs facilitation. The teams need to be able to self evaluate and work towards ever-increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Carl Davis, the CEO of Array Architects, tells an interesting story of an IPD project that was successful, but had some significant issues due in part to traditional behaviors. Any project leader would benefit from a deep dive into his root cause analysis of the problems Array Architects experienced. Needless to say, we are all learning from Mr. Davis’s article.

I don’t know Mr. Davis, but his points are provocative and worthy of review and discussion.

His story is available at snip.ly/r9fx.

An experienced owner’s representative can help insure success, particularly if you are contemplating lean or IPD. To see how we can assist, I invite you to call or e-mail.

With or without an owner’s rep, the process is a game changer and worthy of close examination.